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Phoenix 99608The Phoenix 99608 is a highly diverse exercise bike that is perfect for beginners and advanced bikers. This is known for its quiet operations and offers a wide range of excellent features. The integrated hand dial resistance control allows users to easily change their resistance level without interrupting their workout while the integrated monitor offers easy access for monitoring the workout data from the time consumed to distance traveled, burned calories, and speed. The stable frame made from heavy duty materials also comes with a one year warranty. All in all, this is a good value for the price of around $179.99 only. And since this model has been designed for a smooth and quiet operation, you can easily perform your workout routines anytime of the day anywhere in your room. This bike is certainly one of the most effective exercise bikes that is tough and durable and provides the basic options for a comfortable home workout experience.

Phoenix 99608 Features

  • Highly smooth and efficient magnetic resistance for a smooth and quiet operation with integrated hand dial for controlling resistance levels. This is responsible for the changes in the level of intensity and by giving the hand dial just a few turns, a considerable difference in the resistance levels can be experienced.
  • This model also has up to eight resistance levels and a highly comfortable step through frame with easy to read integrated monitor to easily track the traveled distance, speed, and calories burned.
  • The tough tubular steel frame is an additional bonus for the durability of this product and this comes equipped with secure foot straps.
  • The overall frame structure is made up of two inches round stabilizers and industrial grade three inches rectangular tubing. The frame can also be adjusted to accommodate different lengths for users with varying heights.
  • Easy access step through frame type
  • One year limited warranty on frame